Trail 2 Fender 36/38 | Frambretti

Sale price2.190 kr


This successful fender is specifically designed for the latest generation of FOX® 36 forks as well as FOX®- 38 fork models. The fender mounts directly to the fork using two screws in the crown and the bleeding ports - no zipties here! Integration at it's finest, now with added mud protection compared to the first generation with additional seal protection thanks to the side walls. 2 Torx screws, Torx and Hex.13 Tools included for installation. Check the guide first.

    High impact resistant Composite

    63g approx.
  • SIZE

    One size

    Compatible with FOX® 36 latest fork generation and FOX® 38 fork model
    Improvement on original design
    Optimized fit through two screws on fork arch plus anchorage on bleeding ports
    Additional seal protection thanks to side walls
    Mounted with 2 supplied Torx screws
    Torx and Hex.13 Tools included


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