Stærð: 162 cm
Sale price23.797 kr Venjulegt verð33.995 kr


The new Scott Superguide 95 skin is made of a new Smart Hotmelt process to facilitate the manipulation of the skins with an incredible adhesion on the ski base. The mix of Mohair and Nylon fibers deliver the best compromize between grip and slide. Due to the Fiber Seal Technology skins stay dry and prevent bailing of snow. Our skins are made without PFC to respect the nature. The Superguide 95 Skins is already cut to match the sidecut of the Superguide 95 and 95 W's skis. The Front hook offer a perfect match with the ski, reduce the weight and certified to have no snow penetration. The tail clip ensure a good position of the skins during the hike.

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