DEORE XT RD-M8100-GS(short cage)12-gíra | Afturskiptir

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The all-new DEORE XT M8100 series of derailleurs brings a new level of drivetrain silence thanks to decreased tension in the low gear position and an added bumper on the pulley cage. Larger 13T pulleys increase efficiency and chain management while compatibility with SHIMANO's new 12-speed cassettes boosts range. 

  • ・Greater ground clearance supports aggressive riding
  •  »28 mm more ground clearance than RD-M8100-SGS
  • ・Lightweight, short-cage design supports smooth rear suspension movement
  • ・Fast and precise shifting performance optimized to take on any trail
  • ・Silent drivetrain in all gear positions
  •  »New bumper added to rear derailleur pulley cage
  •  »Bigger 13T pulley
  • ・Stable drivetrain in rough terrain
  • ・Compatible with 10-45T cassette sprocket (1x12-speed)

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