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Key points

  • Easy step-in' feature. Narrow entry tongue slides intuitively into the SPD bind for easy clip-ins on the trail.
  • Secure connection. The cleat construction is precision engineered for a perfect connection to the pedal bind, ensuring a secure coupling of bike and rider for an integrated MTB riding experience.
  • Single direction release. An outward heel twist disconnects the cleat from its bind, for consistent, reliable performance.

Product description

Perfect integration of bike and rider. An MTB cleat designed specifically for SPD pedal systems. The cleat is precision engineered to ensure a comfortable, secure connection and optimal power transfer to the pedal.

The SH51 SPD Cleat connects shoe to pedal for a fully integrated MTB riding experience. Its precision engineered construction connects perfectly with Shimano SPD pedal systems for a safe, secure pedal stroke, ensuring optimal power transfer when pushing hard. A narrowed entry tongue clicks into the pedal intuitively for easy clip-ins on the trail, while a simple outward heel twist disconnects when you need to put your foot down. Compatible with all SPD pedal systems. Cleat nut not included.

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