Mythic 87 Pro án bindinga | Fjallaskíði

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Stærð: 179cm
Sale price35.996 kr Venjulegt verð89.990 kr


The Dynastar Mythic 87 Pro offers an ideal balance between ski touring and freeride touring for greater freedom and pleasure.

Designed in partnership with Vivian Bruchez, the Mythic 87 87 Pro concentrates all the engineers' know-how in terms of ultra-lightweight structures and freeride shapes for exceptional adaptability to all terrain and every conceivable type of snow.

It is both robust and comfortable on descents, thanks to a sandwich construction with an integral sidewall for optimum stability and ski-snow contact, and light on ascents (2,600 g per 171 cm pair) thanks to its lightweight Paulownia and carbon fiber core structure.

• Construction: Full Sidewall
• Paulowina Woodcore
• Lining: Carbon Fiber


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