Stærð: 166cm
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Coming off the back of the success of the Dynastar Cham and the Powertrack, the Legend is reborn in a powerful, lightweight and lively profile. Featuring Dynastar’s Powerdrive technology the 2020 Legend W88 provides a smooth ride and testers comment on the amount of grip this ski has on hard pack conditions.

At 88mm underfoot the Legend W88 is geared slightly more towards someone spending more time on piste, than off. With tip and tail rocker you are going to get plenty of float in powder, but the narrower waist makes it super quick edge to edge with the Titanal layer on top of the Poplar core giving you a very powerful ski that is lively and nimble. On piste the Legend W88 is intuitive and smooth, taking bumps and crud in its stride with the slightly softened tips giving easy turn initiation and the strong camber profile giving great stability and drive.

Powerdrive technology comes originally from Dynastar’s more piste orientated and narrow waisted all mountain skis and they have taken the success they have had and applied it to their all mountain/freeride range. As it has come from the piste aspect of their range it obviously vastly improves the sensation over the firmer grounds, where the visco elastic component absorbs vibrations as well as being a large part of what gives the Legend its character. The wide paulownia insert adds to the shock absorbing levels as well as transferring power to the ABS sidewall, to give superior power transfer and feedback. Whether it’s on piste or plowing through day old pow the Powerdrive component will make for a smoother ride, making the transitions between snow types on the Legend seamless.

If you’re the sort of skier that is looking for an all mountain ski that will be dependable, smooth and lively wherever you take it then the Legend 88 could be the perfect fit.

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